Arup Rahee & Leela

 Folk & Contemporary

There are many ways to describe Leela’s music – it is noise as much as it is melody, it is as mystic as it is punkified, it bellows with rage as much as with love – it is a tryst of folk with rock that is sometimes groovy and sometimes a hammer blow to the mind. Essentially, Leela’s signature lies in the panache with which it plays with elements of folk, rock and metal to kickoff a musical revolution in Bangladesh challenging the ‘aesthetic rule’ of colonialism, racism, patriarchy and capitalism. Leela is the only musical ensemble in Bangladesh that has the capability to render both the traditional and akhra styles of folk/baul-fakir songs as well as its own folk-rock fusion numbers concurrently in the same session. Arup Rahee and his ensemble Leela are inspired by the baul-fakir-sahajia tradition, feminism, sufism, tantra and shakta tradition, nath-mohayan buddhism, dialectic materialism, among others.


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