Krishnan Unni


Krishnan underwent ten years of Bharathanatyam training from Shri Suresh Kumar in India and completed his arangetram in the year 2005. He is also trained in Kathak by Guru Mulla Afsar Khan. Later in 2017, he started learning Kuchipudi from Guru Amritha Lahiri and Guru Atira Venugopal. He has regularly been performing both in India and Singapore. He has frequently been performing both in India and Singapore to name a few, at the Hindi Prachar Sabha, Singapore Indian Arts Festival, SIFAS's Pratibimba, Indian Heritage Festival Singapore, Singapore festival in Hanoi and various other temple festivals. He has been part of several dance productions such as Prakriti Vikirti, Mannum Mahalum, Dhaara and Ramayana.


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