On May 1, 2002, Samageet Sanskriti Prangan started its journey. One of the activities of Samageet is their musical group known as 'Ganer Dol Samageet'. An album titled 'Hawa' has already been released in 2010. Since the nineties, 'Ganer Dol Samageet' has played an active role in almost all the important people’s movements and struggles of Bangladesh. Samageet was continuously active in the movement for protection of national resources, in the Bangla cultural movement ('Banglar Shangskriti Rokkhar Andalan') and in movement for protection of Sundarbans. But besides protest songs, Samageet has always been presenting Bangla folk songs as well as songs of different tribal cultures, because Samageet thinks that the mother of any culture is its folk culture. Based on that people’s culture, Samageet wants to sing the songs of the coming golden days. In addition to the 'Ganer Dol', Samageet has been engaged in a number of other important activities. One of them is 'Samageet Pathshala', the school built for the underprivileged children of the society. In Dhaka, Narayanganj, and Mirpur, activities on various subject areas including literature, music, drama, publishing, and children's organization are being continued.


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