Sinthia Yasmin Nupur

Folk Dancer

Sinthia Yasmin Nupur has been dancing ever since she was just 8 years of age, when she was under the tutelage of Sultana Haider, a prominent figure in the dance world of Bangladesh. Around 2008, Sinthia started performing with Shadhona. From 2014 till present She is training in manipuri under Sweety Das Chowdhury. Sinthia Yasmin Nupur under Shadhona and her past involvement with the dance world has successfully completed many workshops, classes, dance dramas and also competitions. Apart from her deserving recognition as a young dancer, she has been an active dancer for Bangladesh Television, and toured to many places showcasing her dance including Japan, Taiwan, Bangkok, Turkey,Malaysia, India, Assam etc. With Shadhona, she has always been an intimate part of the family of dancers, dancing in dance-dramas including Hay Ananta Purna, Esa motir bake,Tasher Desh, Mayar Khela, Aye Amader Ongone, fireflies, Radha Ranir oshto prohor, bongshi anurag, premammitam, Mohua looking forward to the past, limits beyond and plenty more. Her performances graces not only stages, but at the moment it can be seen to grace the 3rd season of annual dance reality show of Channel I, “Mangolee Channel I Shera Nachiye”, where she has been a participant and achieved 1st runner up of the show.


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