Sovvota & Band


Karishma Sanu Sovvota is a singer-songwriter and also the Director-Teacher at her own music school Anondom Shongitangon -আনন্দম সংগীতাঙ্গন. Having been brought up in a musically active family environment by the virtue of her father, Late Khoda Boksh Sanu, it was a house rule to learn and practice music. Starting with the piano at age 10 and composing from age 12, her instrumental prowess gradually branched to the guitar, ukulele, flute, mouth organ and tabla. She tends to call it a 'Jack of all trades, master of none' kind of deal while referring to her voice as her main instrument. She completed her Bachelors and Masters majoring in Indian Classical Music at the Department of Music, University of Dhaka. Doing singles and mixed album releases since 2007, she finally debuted her solo album 'Jodi Thakto Dana' in 2016 from GP Music - later on released worldwide in 2017. She's one of the very few musicians in the country to have launched an album independently. She is also pushing out her second and third albums soon!


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