Zuairiyah Mouli


Zuairiyah Mouli from Bangladesh was fascinated by Bharatnatyam and was initiated into the art form by Sri Belayet Hossain Khan in Chhayanaut and Sri Amit Chowdhury in Kolpotoru dance school, Bangladesh. She has been learning Bharatnatyam for the last 17 years and has completed her Diploma with Distinction from West Bengal Dance Group Federation's Diploma, winning the gold medal. Currently an ICCR Scholar, she has completed her M.A in Bharatnatyam from Bangalore University and undergoing advanced training under Srimati Kirti Ramgopal. 


She has conducted several workshops in different dance forms, such as, Mayurbhanj Chau, Kalaripaittu, Jazz, Contemporary, Thangta etc and has also attended workshops by eminent Bharatnatyam dance gurus.  She has performed  at prestigious dance venues and festivals including including “Khajuraho Dance Festival-2017” (Khajuraho), “Abhai Pravasi Uthsavam-2018” (Chennai),  “6th Girnar Mahotsov 2018” (Gujrat), “Every Friday Program of ICCR” (Bangalore),  “Aura Aurangabad-2018” (Aurangabad),  “Hosur Natyanjali 2018” (Thamilnadu), “Sai Nrityotsov” (Bangalore), “Bengal Classical Music festival-2017” (Dhaka),  “Starts of Tomorrow 2014” (Kolkata), AP Festival-2012 (Russia) to name a few and received accolades from dance critics and audience. 


Her choreographed contemporary production "Endless Journey" and Bharatnatyam piece “Ardhanarisgwara” has been selected to present at the World Dance Alliance Global Summit-2017 & 2019.  She has been bestowed with the titiles of Girnar Ratna and Natya Kalamani from India. Currently, she is working as a choreographer & Teacher at Kolpotoru Dance School and as a Principal performer at Shadhona cultural Centre.


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